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Precision Gear for Extreme High-Speed Imaging

900760 LED with 8 lamps and video flood controller.

High-Intensity LEDs

Light it up with our high-intensity LEDs and controllers – available in a variety of arrays with cool white or red LEDs for color and monochrome imaging.

AVATAR 10.5mm Hi-g Lens

AVATAR 10.5mm Hi-g Lens

Our 10.5mm ƒ/2.8 lens is designed exclusively for cameras with large sensors & features heavy-duty construction for extreme Hi-g applications & environments.

QD-100 Camera Mount

Precision Camera Mounts

Versatile quick-release camera mounts are the industry standard for high-speed imaging applications. Sustaining incredible payloads in extreme Hi-g environments.

Specializing in Precision Accessories for High-Speed Imaging Applications

Visual Instrumentation Corporation (VIC) is a world leader in high-speed imaging technology. Our engineers and staff are ready to assist you with cost-effective, high-speed imaging solutions.

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